Our Spa Center, which has the largest Thermal Pool in Bursa province, is unique with its 3000 m2 area and has 1 thermal indoor pool, 2 Turkish baths, 1 VIP section, aromatherapy services and massage rooms where 12 types of massage techniques are applied, skin care and beauty room and relaxation sections. In addition, there is 1 outdoor pool.

Our Thermal Spa within the hotel is available between 07:00 and 22:00 hours. Services include Turkish bath, Thermal pool, Sauna, Skin and Body treatments, Massage (Therapy, relaxation, local, Swedish, sports, foam, cellulite, etc.), Gym.

Hotel Çelik Palace offers you the opportunity to increase your energy and health on holiday or at work. Experienced beauty center staff, 47’hot spring water will help you to leave yourself alone, get rid of daily stress, renew your body and soul.

Thermal Water Treatment ;

Thermal water has curative effects, when applied regularly, on allergic diseases like rheumatism, neuralgie, romatoit, artrit, artroz, fatigue, asthma, eczema, gout and on some gynecological diseases.

Analysis of Thermal Water (per one litre)

Anion Gr Cation : Gr

CI Chlorine : 0,002 Na Sodium : 0,028

SO4 Sulfate : 0,055 Ca Calcium : 0,063

CO3H Bicarbonate : 0,305 Mg Magnesium : 0,020

H2SİO3 Silicic Acid : 0,037 Fe Iron : 0,0004

CO2 Carbon dioxide: 0,057

Measure of radioactivity: 3 m.m.c / Ph (measure of the acidity): 7,4

Temperature of the thermal water at its source 47 C (116,6 F)

Thermal Pool

It has a positive and rejuvenating effect on the skin with the minerals it contains. Fluorinated thermal water can be used as a complementary treatment element in the treatment of chronic periods of rheumatic diseases, chronic low back pain, joint diseases, soft tissue diseases, and as a complementary treatment element in long-term immobilization conditions such as orthopedic operations, brain and nerve surgery, neurological disorders, stress disorders, sports injuries and gynecological diseases.

Turkish Bath

In the Turkish Bath, which is an indispensable part of Turkish culture, massage service is offered in the pouch, foam and the navel stone accompanied by a professional team.


Organic Sauna (Herbal Sauna): It is a type of sauna in which the temperature is approximately 50-60°C, mostly preferred by those who are uncomfortable with the effect of the sauna and steam room accelerating the blood circulation, and the humidity does not exceed 50-60°C. It is enriched with side therapies such as aromatherapy, color therapy, music meditation. Bio-sauna can be used as both classic sauna and steam sauna.


In the fitness center equipped with different cardio equipment (treadmill, bicycle, elliptical), you will be able to perform your training program with the program provided by the trainers. It is possible to train longer comfortably in the fresh environment obtained by continuously giving clean oxygen to the fitness center. While determining your cardio training, instructors analyze your age, gender, weight and health status and create a program suitable for you. Enjoy training with equipment such as treadmills, Ellipticals and bicycles.


Massage It accelerates the process of self-renewal by activating the energy channels of the body. With our professional team and Far Eastern therapists, we produce a pleasant environment where we can apply to protect our health and also to relieve depression and stress. As an enjoyable practice to protect our health, massage can be perceived as a method that we can use to pamper ourselves or reward our loved ones in relieving ourselves from the monotony, distress and tension of life.

Vitamin Bar

For an energetic and cheerful start to the day, we recommend fruit cocktails that take on the color of the sun. 2 cups of fresh fruit or vegetable juice, you will consume during the day meets your daily vitamin and mineral needs after sports or after care.


Our SPA center offers exclusive service to you, its valued guests, with 6-month and annual membership options. You can contact the SPA reception for detailed information.