Built in 1935 with the instruction of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Çelik Palace Hotel was privatized in 2007 and closed down for renovation in 2009 and started to serve its guests in August 2010 with its renewed face. The renovation works were carried out using today's technologies in line with the original.

The adoption of modern style in the late 1920s led Giulio Mongeri to Modern Architecture. It focuses on the Bursa Çelik Palace Hotel and Spa, which is the only and last structure designed by Mongeri in modern style. While this structure, in which Mongeri used the Art Deco style in line with the architectural understanding of the period, was evaluated with its architectural features, Mongeri's approach to Modern Architecture as an architect who designed buildings both in the selected style and in the first National Architecture Movement was also handled.

Bursa Çelik Palace Hotel and Spa, which was put into service in 1935, is also of utmost importance in terms of being the first spa hotel design in our country. Since its establishment, it has hosted balls, meetings and congresses. The building community, which has undergone many repairs and renovations, preserves its existence as one of the important images of Bursa today.


Guilio Mongeri, one of the most foremost architects of the 1900s, was commissioned by the great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk for the hotel, and he lived in Bursa for months to determine the location of the most magnificent panorama before starting the construction of the Çelik Palace hotel.

Based on the slogan of Cesar Ritz, King of Hotels, the location of today's Çelik Palace hotel with 360 degree panorama has been determined by the fact that the most important element for a hotel is the location.

The fact that Çelik Palace hotel is planned according to the Golden Ratio rules and the perfection of its architecture reflects the architectural genius of Gulio Mongeri. Architect Mongeri's books are still being studied in European elite universities today.


As a result of the privatization tender in 2007, the renovation work was carried out in Çelik Palace Hotel by adhering to the original. The texture of the history of the building was not disturbed, and the combination of technology and human mind resulted in a magnificent structure.

Designed with today's needs in mind, Çelik Palace Hotel continues to be one of the pioneers of the Tourism Sector today as in the past.